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  1. Thank you for finding the wishbone. My 4 yr old daughter keeps asking me to find it and I just couldn’t see it. Thank you

  2. Aahhhh! Thank you!! We have all been trying to find this! It’s been driving my 4-year old and husband crazy. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness! My daughter and I have been looking for the wishbone forever!!! Thank you so much!

  4. I spent forever looking for this stupid thing with my daughter, and there it was in her hand the whole time!

  5. Without you I would still be looking for the wishbone! Even with 4 adults none of us could find it

  6. Thank you! Nearly lost my mind for hours and 5 year old daughter thinks im a genius. Now these books need to post the cheats online.

  7. I actually thought the book was defective. You know how long and how many people I have had look for the wishbone and we have had no luck.

  8. We were giving up… Thinking it was a mistake but I had to look it up. Thank you! My 4yr old daughter is very happy we finally found it!!! I see from comments I was not the only one 🙂

    1. Ahh, thanks. There are (at least) two sizes of this book, and it is clearer on the 12 inch tall one, I really have to squint to see it in the 9 inch one.

  9. thank you so much for the help on the wishbone!!! My husband and I couldn’t find it either!!!! Lol

  10. A year later and I finally give up and look online for the answer. Thank you so much!!

  11. Oh my gosh!! We STILL had a hard time finding it, even with the cheat…..Like others, this was driving us crazy. Now I can sleep tonite, and quieten my four year old granddaughter.

  12. Thank you so much!! We have all been looking for it for 2 days!! We thought they had forgot to put it in the picture.

  13. Finally!!! Thank you so much! My mom and me were going crazy looking for it. I thought the book was wrong.

  14. Thank you!!! This about drove us insane! Like others my grandchildren think I can do anything & I failed at this!! LOL

  15. Thank you! You wonderful human being! For awhile I resigned myself to thinking it was the rope on the swing… The best part of this was that Google knew what I was searching for and auto filled in “wishbone” before I was done.

  16. My daughter was looking for the wishbone for years. We thought the editors overlooked it.
    Thank you!
    My wife and I had a good laugh when we ready the dozens of comments. Lol!

  17. Yes!!!!! I’m glad this thread is still around. My whole family had spent way too long looking for this. We thought it was just a mistake in the book.

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